My name is Bart Corver.

I first picked up the guitar during high school. I started playing songs by Bob Dylan, BB King and Radiohead and took lessons. There I came into contact with the Bourée (BWV 996) by Johan Sebastiaan Bach and classical playing with the fingers, plucking.

Then I found another teacher where I studied classical music for about 3 years, but never lost sight of pop and jazz arrangements.

After high school I first did a year of preparatory training and then an entrance exam for the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, bachelor’s degree in classical. (degree obtained in 2017)

Conservatory: (2012 – 2017)

My teachers were: Lex Eisenhardt, Early Music; Lydia Kennedy, m.n. “Villa-Lobos” and Johannes Möller, technique.

During this study, the emphasis was on contemporary music, which started the search for new and modern repertoire on the guitar. Especially the music of the Japanese composer Toru Takemitsu became very important.
Ultimately, this resulted in trips to Japan and Southeast Asia.

In addition to classical music, appreciation for Latin American music arose: Piazzolla, Baden Powell, Paulinho Nogueira, Guinga, among others. Various styles such as classical, folk music and jazz come together in this music, while it’s mainly played on the classical guitar.

Minor subjects were jazz and (jazz) music theory, with the teacher Martijn van Iterson, among others.
This sparked an interest in improvisation and especially fretboard knowledge.
Furthermore I learned to master electric guitar and playing with a pick during these lessons.

Experience as a guitar teacher:

In addition to my studies, I have been teaching guitar and have experience for over 7 years. Private lessons at home and at the “guitar school Krommenie” and “Gitaar Academie Amsterdam”. On my travels I have taught guitar in Japan and Southeast Asia, including “Eton House” International School, Hanoi.

Appearances and development:

Recently my interest has mainly been in Latin American music and styles such as “Merengue Venezolano”, “Samba”, “Baiao”, “Choro” and “Tango”.

Latin American music has many similarities with the classical style. The differences mainly lie in the harmony that is more similar to jazz music. It requires a strong sense of rhythm and specific timing, something that is not always central to a classical study.

I also make arrangements of Latin American folk music on guitar, or for duo with a singer or flutist, etc. This has resulted in a collaboration with the singer “WAKA”, for the interpretation of this music.

La Negra Atilia – Arr. Bart Corver (guitar) WAKA (voice)


バート・コーバー (guitar) WAKA (voice)

Group lessons

If you like to play together or with friends, group lessons are a good way to get started on guitar.

Group lessons are only for adults over 18 years old. Minimum registration 4 people.

‌‌‌€ 15,- per person / 60 minutes