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In Rotterdam City Center
Personal method



Hello! My name is Bart Corver.

Since graduating from the Amsterdam Conservatory in 2017, I have been active as a guitar teacher.

Guitar lessons in Rotterdam City Center

Are you looking for a teacher or coach to improve your level, or do you want to make a serious start on guitar? In my classes the emphasis is not only on technique.

‌‌‌I mainly approach music as a form of expression, comparable to other forms of art.
My “personal method” is a journey of discovery through different styles and cultures tailored to the student, using music pieces, tunes and songs that are appropriate for your personal level.

Rates, three levels:



For children and beginners on guitar.

These lessons are best followed with a Spanish guitar, but of course electric guitar or ukulele are possible too.

€ 20,- / 30 minutes
€ 30,- / 45 minutes


"Bring it on"

You have had guitar lessons already, or you have started playing guitar yourself and you want to improve your technique, or refine your theory.‌‌‌

€ 30,- / 45 minutes
€ 40,- / 60 minutes


"Damn I'm good"

You have progressed a lot and now want to take the leap to “classic” guitar. This is more a form of coaching and requires the necessary dedication from the student.

€ 40,- / 45 minutes
€ 50,- / 60 minutes


It is also possible to take lessons together with a group.

If you like to play together or with friends, group lessons are a good way to get started on guitar.

Group guitar lessons are only for adults over 18 years old. Kids can take group lessons with ukelele in smaller groups.

Minimum registration 4 people.

‌‌‌€ 15,- per person / 60 minutes